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KH - Say Goodbye [15 Mar 2008|07:46am]

Title: Say Goodbye
Creator: jinsterr (that would be me), also known as Jini
Song & Artist: Say Goodbye by Skillet
Character(s)/pairing(s): Sora, Riku, Kairi, Roxas & Axel (with some Sora/Kairi on the side)
Genre: General/Romance
Spoilers: KHI, KHII, KHI+, KHII+

Read Description first before watching! Thanks and enjoy!

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[misc] How Quinton Flynn Deals With Axel/Roxas Yaoi [18 May 2007|11:17pm]

Not fanvideos per se, but they pertain to the fandom and you guys may get a kick out of 'em.

A lil bit of background first: Quinton Flynn is the voice actor for Timon on The Lion King tv series and, consequentially, gets asked at video game conventions to comment on Axel's relationship with Roxas.

I was wondering if you were aware of the blatant 'friendship' between Axel and Roxas?Collapse )

Clearly, he's got a functional sense of humor. So fans will give him suggestive phrases to say.

Do it!Collapse )

And we end up with something like this.Collapse )

Fun times, KH fandom. Fun times.
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[rec] Namine/Kairi/Sora, "My World" [18 May 2007|10:53pm]

Sorry for the lengthy break, guys. Why do schools gotta give exams anyway? It gets in the way of fandom. XD

Creator: Shamanangel
Song & Artist: "My World" by SR-71
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Kairi/Namine, Sora
Genre: Romance, Drama
Spoilers: KHII
Warnings: Some strong language. Also, it's a girl-girl pairing.

See, I've got this weakness for Kairi/Namine (bad enough so I'm writing a fic and planning out a vid for them). And I've got this thing for videos with constructed realities (in this case, Namine being jealous of Sora and Kairi's connection). Put the two together, add in a little fancy editing, and you've got an instant rec. Namine's horribly out of character here but, hey, you can't win 'em all.

In my world, there's only you.Collapse )
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[discussion] Summer-time! [14 May 2007|06:01pm]
[ mood | hot ]

It's been kinda quiet lately. I assume you guys are just busy - I know I am. I've got about three KH AMVs in the work, but I have yet to finish any of them, and it doesn't seem like they'll be done any time soon. XD; But just 'cause we have nothing to post doesn't mean there's nothing for the community to do. Anyone got any recs? Watched any good AMVs on youtube lately? Seen any animations on Deviantart? Let us know!

Until then, how about we get the creative juices flowing with a little discussion? Here on the east coast, it suddenly feels like summer again! It's sunny all day, everything is growing green, pollen is everywhere... Makes me want to go out and buy blue popsicles. <3 And listen to songs that remind me of summer.

So what songs remind you of summer?

KH is a very summer-geared series. Destiny Islands and Twilight Town are very summery places, not to mention the hotter Disney worlds (Agrabah, Atlantica, and the Colliseum all come to mind). So chances are that summer-themed songs will go great with the series, too. Maybe your favorite summer song will inspire someone else's future AMV... or your own. ^_^ It's worth a shot, right?

Might as well start with myself. XD Here are three songs that feel like summer to me:

(Oh, and as a necessary preface, these are all songs just off the top of my head. They may already have been made into AMVs.. possibly quite often. So check AMV.org and Youtube before you run off to vid them. That should be standard procedure with any AMV-artist. You always want to avoid making an AMV to an over-used song, no matter how perfect it is. ^^;)

1. Sugar Ray. ...Yes, anything by Sugar Ray. XD They just have a very laid-back, islandy feel to their music. "when it's Over" has great AMV-potential, too, but my favorite, I think, is "Someday."

Lyrics to SomedayCollapse )

2. Yellowcard's hit "Ocean Avenue" came out during the summer... not to mention the lyrics. XD So, of course, it's one of the the first songs I think of when I go to the beach every summer. And while the KH kids aren't quite old enough for the song (16 and 18), I think the sentiment of the song is MORE than enough to carry KH-clips through the whole thing.

Lyrics to Ocean AvenueCollapse )

3. Smash Mouth. I love their music, and it's very upbeat and raw, which feels like summer to me. I especially love "Walking on the Sun," and "All Star," although making a KH AMV out of either one would take some MAJOR artistic lisence and a whole lot of creativty. XD; I think it could be a lot of fun, though, so I put it up for offers. "All Star" is the one that reminds me more of summer (which is random, but how I feel), so it's the one I'll post the lyrics to:

Lyrics to All StarCollapse )

I can think of more (especially with the word "summer" in the title! XD), but that's enough of me for now. What are some songs that remind you guys of summer, twilight town, or destiny's islands?

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AMV [02 May 2007|09:45am]

[ mood | tired ]

Title: Losing It (So Completely)
Creator: Wingless Archangel Studios, AKA dark_puck 
Song & Artist: Must Be Dreaming by Frou Frou
Character(s): Roxas with a small side of Sora
Spoilers: KHII
Warning(s): Some angst. It is Roxas.

(Please to be following the fake cut)

Sorry about the link; Live Video has yet to make it possible to embed in LJ.

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[AMV] "Alone Again" [02 May 2007|06:06am]

[ mood | awake ]

Title: "Alone Again"
Creator: silverstrings~
Song & Artist: "Jesus Christ" by Brand New
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Roxas-centric. Maybe a tiny bit of Roxas/Naminé+Kairi, if you want to see it.
Spoilers: Kingdom Hearts II (including Final Mix+ scenes)
Warning(s): Should I put a warning for angst? XD

Click to see Video
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[rec] Heaven [29 Apr 2007|02:14am]
[ mood | loved ]

Creator: Mybestfriendsaloser
Song & Artist: "Heaven" by DJ Sammy
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Sora/Kairi
Genre: Romance
Spoilers: scenes from the endings of KH and KHII
Warnings: Kairi-bashers need not apply. even if you don't like the pairing, give the girl (and the video) a chance, eh?

Baby, you're all that I wantCollapse )

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[rec] "Sora Will Carry Riku" [24 Apr 2007|10:00am]
[ mood | loved ]

Creator: Kazu64
Song & Artist: "I Will Carry You" by Clay Aiken
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Sora/Riku
Genre: Romance
Spoilers: scenes from the first FM, all of the many endings of KHII
Warnings: Yaoi pairing, obviously. Don't like, then don't look.

Why, yes, I did mean literally.Collapse )

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Rec Week #2: Romance [23 Apr 2007|12:51am]

Looks like rec week #1 didn't work out too well. But I hope those of you who checked out the vids I linked to enjoyed them. Let's try a different topic for this week. How about romance? Slash or het - let's see it all.

Pick the favorite videos you have of your ships and post a rec to 'em! Though, let's try to refrain from having any repeats. And do post, guys! Otherwise, you'll all learn way too much about my pairing preferences and that'll be no fun at'll. :(

And you're still allowed to post whatever video you want, regardless of whether or not it fits the rec theme. Don't be shy... POST!
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[rec] Kairi/Sora/Riku, Namine/Roxas/Axel; "Gay Boyfriend" [23 Apr 2007|12:40am]

Creator: sunlitebreeze
Song & Artist: "Gay Boyfriend" by the Hazzards
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Kairi, Sora/Riku, Namine, Roxas/Axel
Genre: Humor
Spoilers: KHII
Warnings: If you hate slash/yaoi/teh ghei/whatever and click on the lj-cut, then I've no sympathy if your delicate sensibilities are offended.

You know this vidder, she's the "Axel's Hips Don't Lie" gal (and I need to figure out whether or not to put up a rec for that vid - on one hand, it's infamous and actually a pretty darn good vid; on the other hand, everyone's already seen it). I'm fond of this one because it prominently features Kairi and Namine lip-synching and I haven't seen too many lip-synched videos with the girls. I also think it's very cute.

I don't really care that you are queer.Collapse )
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[rec] Sora, Riku, Various; "Creepy Guy" [23 Apr 2007|12:25am]

Creator: lovemythermos
Song & Artist: Spoken comedy by Dane Cook
Character(s): Sora, Riku, others
Genre: Humor
Spoilers: KH & KHII

Some clips don't exactly match up but, when they do, it's damn funny. Especially the ending. My rec may sound qualified, but it's really a well-made video. The source audio's so specific that it's not easy to vid and lovemythermos pulls it off admirably.

There's always been that creepy one person somewhere in your life.Collapse )
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[rec] Axel/Roxas, Namine/Roxas; "Creeping Me Out" [22 Apr 2007|01:45am]

Title: Creeping Me Out
Creator: kacfrog711
Song & Artist: "Creeping Me Out" by Weird Al Yankovic
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Axel/Roxas, Namine/Roxas
Genre: Humor
Spoilers: KHII
Warning(s): Stalkers.

Yes, kacfrog711 is a co-mod of the community. No, this is not nepotism. She's also an immensely talented vidder in her own right. This one has excellent use of split screen, custom subtitles, and lyrics/clips matching. Plus, it's hilarious.

Everybody loves Roxas. Sometimes a little too much.Collapse )
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Demyx/Zexion, "Demyx's Boy Lollipop" [19 Apr 2007|03:31pm]

title: Demyx's Boy Lollipop
Creator: onemoreparadise
Song & Artist: My Boy Lollipop by Millie Small
Character(s)/Pairing:  Zexion/Demyx
Genre: Humor/Romance
Spoilers: re:COM spoliers!!
Warning:  Yaoi and my favorite crack pairing XD

Well.... um.... Can I just say I LOVE Zemyx? Favorite pairing and the recent COM clips have just driven my obsession psyco, because I can finally make Zemyx videos. So this one was just a cute little video I made when the clips first came out. It was just to get it out of my system, nothing serious.
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[rec] Sora, "The Sora Song" [19 Apr 2007|02:04am]

Title: The Sora Song
Creator: lynxgriffin
Song & Artist:  "The Sora Song," written and sung by LynxGriffin
Character(s): Sora and miscellaneous
Genre: Humor
Spoilers: KH & KHII

This Flash movie is pretty famous in the fandom for a good reason. It's cute, clever, and chuckle-inducing. Definitely worth a watch.

I am Sora, hear me roar.
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[rec] Dancer/Dragoon, "The Pic-Nic" [19 Apr 2007|12:12am]

Title: The Pic-Nic
Creator: Benthic Varmint
Song & Artist: None, it's silent.
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Dancer/Dragoon Nobodies
Genre: Tragicomedy
Spoilers: KHII
Warning(s): Slaughter. Crudites.

Besides being very cute, this little Flash movie is one of the most original creations I've seen in the fandom.

A short description, in the creator's own words: Though the Nobody races have no voices, they suffer from powerful urges to express themselves and cling futilely to the waning passions in their hollow chests. The obvious solution is to make silent movies! This is one of 'em. It's a tragic romance.

"Oh! Darling!"
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Org XIII, Sora/Riku,Axel/Roxas, Zexion/Demyx-Many songs... [18 Apr 2007|02:55pm]

[ mood | creative ]

I'm so happy someone finally made a community like this! I've been making videos for almost two years now, but here are some of my most recent...

Title: Bring it on Organization XIII!
Creator: onemoreparadise
Song & Artist: "Bring it on Soundtrack
Character(s)/Pairing: Organization XIII
Genre: Humor
Spoilers: Contains clips from re:COM!!! and KH2
Warning: The only thing I can possibly warn you about... is the humiliation of Organization XIII XD

Title: Isn't something missing?
Creator: ^ Same
Song & Artist: "Isn't something missing?" Evanescence
Character(s)/Pairing:  Zexion/Demyx
Genre: Romance/tragedy
Warning:  Don't watch if you haven't seen Rikus story in Com yet. It also contains a yaoi pairing

This one actually made me cry T_T but it won a fourth place spotlight at KH vids.net.

Title: Tainted Love
Creator: Same ^
Song & Artist: "Tainted Love" by Marilyn Manson
Character(s)/Pairing: Axel/Roxas And Sora/Riku
Genre: Romance
Spoilers: KH 1 & 2
Warning: Yaoi most definetly

This one took me forever to do. Much timing to work on >< It turned out great! and it even won a second place spotlight on KH vids.net!

And once again, Love the community. Hope to post more as I make them. If you want to see more of my video, just check my youtube page.



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[rec] Kairi, Selphie; "Okay, Humor Me" [17 Apr 2007|01:24am]

Creator: tragiccarousel
Song & Artist: None, original voicework
Character(s): Kairi and Selphie
Genre: Humor
Spoilers: KHII

This video's made the rounds on khfanficrants but I thought it was worth a repost here because of the amazing voicework. Selphie educates Kairi on the wonderful world of KH crack!pairings.

I dreamt that a random Japanese guy made a video game about us.Collapse )
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[rec] General KH, "The Sexy People of KH Bring Sexyback" [17 Apr 2007|01:34am]

Creator: game7girl
Song & Artist: "Sexyback" by Justin Timberlake
Character(s): The original KH characters, FF characters, and Mickey. Riku, Axel, Sora, and Xemnas show up the most.
Genre: Humor
Spoilers: KHII
Warning(s): Silliness and slashy suggestiveness (Riku/Sora and Axel/Roxas)

There are a ton of KH videos done to this song. IMHO, this is the best of the lot. Lip-synching and timing are good. Also, it's got Mickey Mouse.

Get your sexy on.Collapse )
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Rec Week #1: Humor [15 Apr 2007|10:57am]

For this week, rec those particularly funny fanworks you've seen floating around the 'net (as separate posts, please - not as comments to this one). Let's get some laughs going on.
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Sora/Kairi/Roxas, "So in love with Two" [15 Apr 2007|08:54am]


Title: So in love with Two
Creator: jinsterr (that would be me), also known as Jini
Song & Artist: So in love with two by Mikaila
Character(s)/pairing(s): Sora/Kairi/Roxas triangle
Genre: Romance
Spoilers: KHI & KHII

My first KH video that I made~! ^^
So yeah... Kairi is torn between the half that is Sora and the other half that's Roxas, who begin fighting each other for her affections. And while she can't bring herself to choose one over the other, she tries to create peace between the two halves so that they may finally be complete. 
I've always liked the idea of a Roxas/Kairi and Sora/Kairi face off so yeah I made this! Well... enjoy! 

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okohBRbVxB0  


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